"Your Pizza Delivery People"

Stageline Eureka
1023 Hwy 93 N
(located next to The Movie Store in Eureka, Montana)


Thank you for visiting Eureka, Montana's Stageline Pizza restaurant website at EurekaStageline.Com! We are your pizza delivery people. For your added convenience we have provided an online menu and a printer-friendly menu. We are ready to take your order. Enjoy your pizza!


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Pizzas Specialty Pizzas
Toppings 12" 14" 16" 20"   Stagecoach Special
    Pepperoni Italian Sausage Black Olives Onions Green Peppers Mushrooms Cheese
Cheese $10.75 $13.00 $14.50 $22.00   Meat Eater's Delight
1 Topping $12.00 $14.50 $16.25 $24.50   Pepperoni Italian Sausage Beef Canadian Bacon Cheese Crisp Bacon
2 Toppings $13.25 $16.00 $18.00 $27.00   Taco Supreme
3 Toppings $14.50 $17.50 $19.75 $29.50   Taco Beef Cheese Lettuce Tomatoes Black Olives Onion Taco Chips Cheddar Cheese
4 Toppings $15.75 $19.00 $21.50 $32.00   Death Valley

10" 1 Topping Pizza w/16oz Drink only $7.50


Red Peppers Pepperoni Italian Sausage Onion Taco Beef Jalapenos Cheese



Load 'em Up


Black Olives Mushrooms Green Peppers Onion Tomatoes Pineapple Cheese

Pepperoni Seasoned Beef Crisp Bacon Italian Sausage Onions   Cajun Pizza
Green Peppers Black Olives Fresh Tomatoes Fresh Mushrooms   Cajun Spice Italian Sausage Cajun Sausage Onion Green Peppers Cheese Pepper
Sauerkraut Canadian Bacon Green Olives Pineapple Jalapenos   Chicken Veggie Ranch
Garlic Anchovies* Cajun Sausage* Fajita Chicken* Shrimp* Pesto* Mandarine Oranges Sun dried tomatoes * Spinach [in season] * Brocoli [in-season]   Chicken Black Olives Mushrooms Green Peppers Onion Tomatoes Garlic Cheese Ranch Dressing
Extra Cheese Cheddar Cheese   *priced as two (2) toppings   All Specialty Pizzas at One Low Price!
Extra Salsa  50             Extra Sour Cream  50   10"       12"       14"       16"       20"      

$10.50    $15.75    $19.00    $21.50    $32.00   

Hot Wings Salads Nachos
$7.99 for 1 lb. Dinner Salads: small $4.50; or large $5.50 Chips topped w/tomatoes & nacho cheese

  Chicken Caesar Salad
4 oz heated Chicken, shredded parmesan, croutons & Caesar dressing on side

  Fajita Chicken Salad   Taco Salad  
  Lettuce Mushrooms Stagecoach Salad Taco Beef Chips Olives  
  Olives Green Peppers Lettuce Mushrooms Ham Lettuce Tomatoes Stagecoach Nachos
  Tomatoes Cheese Olives Green Peppers Cheddar Cheese Seasoned Taco Beef Olives
  $6.95 Pepperoni Tomatoes Onion Cheese Onion Salsa Tomatoes Green Peppers
    $6.95 $6.95 Salsa Sour Cream

Extra Dressing   50


The Watering Hole

Pepsi Diet Pepsi Root Beer 7-up Wildcherry Pepsi Mountain Dew Iced Tea Lemonade



20oz.   $2.00 2 Liter Bottles
  16 oz. cans    1.00         $2.50


Breadsticks w/Red Sauce        $5.99
Cinnamon Sticks w/icing        $5.99
Apple Bites w/icing        $4.00
Cheese Bread w/Ranch        $8.99
Extra Sauce             50


Limited Delivery Area:   $6.99 minimum order to town only. Up to 5 miles $16.00 minimum order & $1 delivery fee. Over 5 miles $25 minimum order plus $3.50 delivery fee. Maximum 10 mile delivery.

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